Hymal's Expert Tool Store - offering a comprehensive range of drill bits, taps and dies from Presto, Dormer and Wiseman

Hymal Engineering supply drill bits, taps and dies to both trade and public. With 1000’s of products available from our manufacturers at Presto, which you can view on their website by clicking the relevant links below. Here you can find detailed product and technical information and great product images to help you find what you need. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for call our experts at Hymal Engineering and we’ll offer you the most competitive prices on all products available.

Below are just some of the drill bits, taps and dies Hymal offer. If the item you're looking for is not in the list below call our expert sales team on 01786 994401 for assistance.

• Stub Length Drills
• Sheet Drills
• Panel Drills
• Welding Point Drills
• NC Spotting Drills
• Jobber Length Drills
• Centre Drills
• Drill Blanks
• Long Series Drills
• Extra Length Drills
• Blacksmith Drills (1/2″ Reduced Shank)
• Taper Shank Drills
• Jobber Length Drill Sets
• Drill Sleeves
• Annular Cutters
• Taper Routers

• Taps
• Dies & Die Nuts
• Tap Wrenches & Die Stocks
• Tap & Die Sets
• Drill & Tap Sets

• Slot Drills
• End Mills
• Solid Carbide End Mills
• Tri-Cutters
• Ripping Cutters
• Throw Away End Mills
• Corner Rounding Cutters
• Woodruff Cutters
• T-Slot Cutters
• Dovetail Cutters

About our manufacturers

Presto International UK Ltd, is an international, UK based company, traditionally manufacturing and supplying industrial and engineering cutting tools for over 170 years. We have along supplier relationship with all our customers. Our comprehensive range includes Drills, Taps, Dies, End Mills and Reamers all stocked in a 25000 Sq Ft warehouse in Sheffield.

Wiseman have been supplying threading tools and gauging since 1987. Together with supplying plain plug and ring gauges, this is all we do, so we consider ourselves to be specialists in this field. We supply worldwide. We hold extensive ready stocks that include all of the standard stuff that others offer, but also includes taps, dies, die nuts, die head chasers, thread rolls and gauging for threads not normally available ‘off the shelf ‘.

Dormer are essentially the go-to brand for high speed cutting tools. Because they only manufacturer drill bits, they have become experts in the field. Amongst their catalogue you’ll find; HSS inserts, twist drills, taps & dies, solid drills, TiN coated jobber drills and many more, high quality products.